To save America, Google must be DEFEATED

Millions of people use Google sites every day without giving it much thought. They check their mail in Gmail, search topics of interest using the Google search engine, and watch some videos on Google-owned YouTube. Perhaps they’ll use Google Maps to find their way to that new store or restaurant they want to check out, and the list goes on and on. It might even seem like Google is your friend, but what many people don’t realize is that it could well be the undoing of democracy as we know it.

That might sound a little dramatic, but that’s because it is dramatic, and the stakes are extremely high. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, devoted a recent piece on Natural News to the topic, and he also lays out a very solid argument in favor of defeating Google for the good of society in a video on – which, incidentally, is not a Google product.

In the video, Adams rightfully points out how public discourse is a vital aspect of a free society and that the ability to debate and share diverse opinions is paramount. One need only look at the Bill of Rights to see how important the founding fathers felt freedom of speech was: It’s the very first amendment.

Why, then, is Google allowed to try to cut off the flow of speech to those whose opinions are anything other than to the Left? It’s becoming increasingly clear that if you don’t agree with their views, you’ll be cut off and silenced. They’ll censor your voice, shadow ban you, or outright shut down your YouTube channel if you try to voice an opinion that goes against their own liberal ideals. Do those with conservative views not have the right to speak?

Google putting our nation at risk

Google puts our whole nation at risk, Adams says, and he’s worried it will escalate as they continue marginalizing people. What happens when people’s voices cannot be heard? What will happen when little by little, they try to silence half of the country by abusing their power?

YouTube will censor you and won’t tell you why or let you defend yourself. This is what happened to the Health Ranger’s YouTube channel, which mysteriously disappeared after a video was posted there about a woman who cured her cancer with CBD oil.

Adams believes that government regulation could go a long way toward tackling this problem. If these corporations controlling the internet don’t level the playing field more, perhaps the threat of a fine or arrest might motivate them. Government regulation could be used to require more transparent policies about censorship, algorithms for ranking, and processes for appealing bans, for example.

He even goes so far as to say that the heads of Facebook and Google should be behind bars for surveillance, lying to the government, and other offenses.

In the meantime, people can try to take away some of Google’s power by avoiding their products. For example, there’s a new YouTube alternative called where people can post all the videos that they want about topics like natural medicine, homeschooling, and others that YouTube has tried to silence. As more and more people realize that Google is not, in fact, their friend and grow tired of their bias and censorship, expect to see more users flocking to these free speech alternatives.

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