Yes, it’s real: Man confesses to sacrificing 675 people as part of Satan-worship rituals

A young man from Ghana has published to the web, a video of himself describing something that many ignorant Americans still insist isn’t real: active worship of Satan in the modern age.

The man, who appears to be in his 30s, is seen describing how he’s used some 675 people over the past 17 years as human sacrifices to the Father of Lies, with whom he says he’s had an active relationship. Because the man was born into a “fully spiritual family,” he says he’s been Satan’s buddy almost since birth.

But in order to maintain this relationship, the man says he was required by the god of hell to pay up in the form of human life. Of the 675 humans he’s sacrificed, the man says most of them were children that were given to him by doctors and nurses who were secret members of an occult group.

During the course of his relationship with Satan, the man says he also had at his disposal 664 demonic spirits who helped him perform all sorts of evil acts. Many of these evil ghosts have names, he says, and can be beckoned at will by those who are satanically inspired.

Many “pastors” are Satan-worshippers who actively deceive their followers

According to the man, he’s hardly alone. There are many people who worship Satan where he lives, including many so-called “pastors” who are really just Satan’s agents in disguise. They go around preaching a message about Christ when, in fact, they’re agents of evil tasked with deceiving their followers.

Some of these “pastors” claim to perform miracles, he says, but they either don’t work or don’t last. One common “miracle,” the distribution of “healing water,” is claimed to cure people from disease and deliver them from bondage. In some cases the “healing water” appears to work at first, only to have an affliction return later with a vengeance.

Watch the video below to hear for yourself the man’s claims.


Planned Parenthood: America’s largest devil-worshipping organization that actively murders unborn human life in homage to Satan

Though it might seem primitive, and something restricted only to the Third World, such worship of Satan happens in the United States, too. Perhaps the largest and most well-known group actively performing human ritual sacrifices, Planned Parenthood murders unborn life every single day, and even sells the body part remains for cash.

We also now know that Planned Parenthood has knowingly teamed up with self-proclaimed satanists to push its evil agenda.

Planned Parenthood would never openly admit in non-ubiquitous terms that it sacrifices human life in homage to its god, Satan. But that’s exactly what happens every single day at Planned Parenthood clinics all across the country that eagerly tear about unborn human babies, limb by limb, in the name of “women’s health.”

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, John Podesta, is also a Satan-worshipper, having been outed before the election for attending a “spirit cooking dinner” that involved mimicking ritual human sacrifice.

Satan-worship is everywhere in America, in other words – that is, if you have eyes to see it. It might not look the same as what’s happening in Ghana, for instance, but that doesn’t make it any less nefarious.

It’s how politicians, CEOs, and many others gain powerful positions that afford them great wealth and power – Satan being the distributor of these things to his followers, so long as they pay him with human life in return.

Even Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, worships Satan, as evidenced by a tweet she posted that wished the “Church of Satan” a happy new year. Clinton later denied the intent of the tweet, insisting that she’s a “Methodist.”

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