Biology Fortified is another front group for Monsanto, pushing GMOs and cancer-causing herbicides in your food

Biology Fortified, Inc. (BFI) is a tax-exempt GMO-front group with a main mission of teaching scientists how to communicate with the public (and political lobbyists) and convince them that genetically modified organisms in food are not the health-and-environmental horror story that they really are today. The BFI main source of reference is the Genetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA), a database of skewed research crafted by the biotech cartel that downplays the risks of what have become known as Franken-crops.

Of course, BFI routinely denies having any ties to Monsanto (now owned by Bayer), but just last year documents were released during a lawsuit against Monsanto that exposed glyphosate (50 percent of Roundup weed killer, used worldwide) as a cause of cancer. Documents also detailed Monsanto’s insidious plan to discredit the World Health Organization’s exposure of this truth about Frankenfoods,  including a list of tactics and strategies, naming their key “industry partners,” which included Biology Fortified, a.k.a. “BioFortified.”

BFI mascot “Frank N. Foode” just a cynical ploy to ridicule and play down their own blight

A little fictional corn puppet that “travels the world” spreading propaganda sounds a little too much like a creepy creation by “public scientist” and Monsanto-puppet-extraordinaire Kevin Folta, who just so happens to serve (since 2015) on the BFI board of directors. Garnering the same goofy glasses as the genetically mutated Muppet “Frank N. Foode,” Folta, an exposed GMO shill and horticulturalist from the University of Florida, writes many of the propaganda blog pieces for the main blogsite of BFI (the acronym really stands for Bad Food Incorporated).

Folta has also been exposed as having a blog-talk-radio show featuring “call in” discussions with himself (with a poorly disguised counter voice) in an attempt to discredit serious questions that challenge the safety of GMOs. The ultimate GM apologist and Monsanto sympathizer, Folta leads a campaign of disinformation while accusing his critics of the same. The New York Times exposed Dr. Folta via a series of published emails that show 200 pages of documented money trails and instructions for Folta (with his own suggestions and endorsements plastered all over them) to say exactly what Monsanto wanted him to say to promote the biotech agenda of deceit.


Bayer/Monsanto contributions help BFI spread propaganda and brain-washing lies about the “safety” and “sustainability” of GM agriculture

Co-founder of BFI, Karl Haro von Mogel, is a known accomplice and associate of wife-beater Jon Entine, the latter who just happens to be a former news show producer who shilled regularly for Monsanto via, until they fired him after he was exposed through court documents as a violent sociopath. Karl Haro von Mogel and Jon Entine are all paid propagandists who get funding that’s funneled to the Genetic Literacy Project in order to “shame scientists and highlight information helpful to Monsanto and other chemical producers.”

Biology Fortified Incorporated epitomizes a sellout industry of hacks and charlatans leading the corporate attacks on independent science that exposes the dangers of genetically modified organisms in food. Congress revealed that Monsanto (just 1 of the “Big 6” biotech cartels) often turns to industry trade groups, like BFI, Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI), and Genetic Literacy Project, as platforms of support for their industry hucksters to convince the public, federal regulators, and city councilmen of the “benefits” (meaning payoffs, kickbacks and luxury gifts) for promoting chemical agriculture.

According to GMWatch, Monsanto PR hype gins up support for BioFortified via social media outlets like Twitter, expanding their base and brainwashing the public and farmers into believing it’s safe, healthy and sustainable to spread, spray and eat chemical pesticides daily.

Killing off millions of bees, farmers and consumers is in no way sustainable. The only thing genetically modified food is sustaining is the charge to depopulate earth while annihilating the pollinators that are responsible for 70 percent of our food supply. Industry front groups like BFI repeatedly point to “safety” studies conducted by the biotech cartel themselves.

GENERA database plagued with biased research and bogus claims

BFI’s launching of a new database claims that independent peer-reviewed research on GMOs is common and further proves their points about the safety of GMOs. On the GENERA website, they claim that “Monsanto has agreements with more than 100 universities that allow academic scientists to do independent research with no oversight.” It goes on to later state about the 400 studies already entered into the conglomeration, “The database, GENERA, shows that, of those 400, more than half report receiving no industry funding.”

Yet, Monsanto has already been exposed for supporting “public scientists” like Dr. Kevin Folta with elaborate gifts, travel funding, and spiffs to the tune of $25,000 a pop. So, you were saying? Folta is nothing more than an academic shill of the biotech industry, who should have faced the legal consequences for taking the Monsanto bribe. According to Florida’s anti-corruption laws, any public servant who accepts a bribe may be guilty of a second degree felony and can serve 15 years in prison for it. Folta, just like all publicly funded university professors, is indeed a public servant, working for the state entity called the University of Florida. Oops. And for the past three years, this sellout clown has served on the board of directors for BFI? Talk about conflict of interest.

BFI joins the annals of a long list of propaganda-pushing Monsanto trolls and posers. Welcome to the club. BFI… you’ve been purged by truth media. Your board of directors ranks among the most insidious hucksters on planet earth, along with the following:

Huffington Post

Slate Magazine

Genetic Literacy Project

Washington Post

Jon Entine

Kevin Folta (exposed “public scientist” on Monsanto’s “bonus” roll)

David Gorski at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit

Keith Kloor






Susan Komen Foundation

American Cancer Society


YouTube, and WholeFoods

Associated Press

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Council for Biotechnology Information

Grocery Manufacturers Association

Center for Consumer Freedom

Boston Globe

Ketchum, Inc.

Paul Thorson

GMO Answers


For more information about Monsanto shills, Bayer’s lies, and the dangers of using, spreading, and eating Frankenfoods, visit and get the truth about pesticides infiltrating the world’s staple food supply. Also check out for current encyclopedia entries describing the true motives of other Monsanto front groups. Remember, cancer, dementia and genetically mutated stupidity can be prevented.

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