Neil deGrasse Tyson becomes the voice of EVIL, narrating new propaganda film “Food Evolution” produced by Monsanto shills and pesticide pushers

Neil deGrasse Tyson, the TV astrophysicist perhaps best known for lecturing the world about a man-made climate change consensus, is the narrator of a new film that is being described as rank propaganda for Big GMO.

Food Evolution premieres in theaters across America on Jun 23 and purports to be an objective explication of the genetically engineered or modified food controversy, which is an issue that clean food advocates understandably take very seriously.

Although more reviews will be popping up in the coming weeks, more than 40 scholars and researchers who screened the film at the University of California, Berkeley, have signed a letter calling out Food Evolution as “a piece of propaganda.”

Partially funded by a biotech industry trade group called the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT), which, in turn, receives some of its funding from large food corporations, Food Evolution apparently goes full Monsanto in its presentation.

U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) co-director Stacy Malkan explains that the film has a pronounced agenda:

The film’s credibility suffers from their choice to embrace only the science and scientists who side with the chemical industry players who profit from GMOs and the chemicals used on them, while ignoring science and data that doesn’t fit that agenda. …

Instead of an objective look at the evidence, Food Evolution gives viewers the full Monsanto science treatment: any science that raises concerns about the possible health risks of agrichemical products should be ignored, while studies that put those products in a favorable light is the only science worth discussing.

Perhaps the most vivid example of the documentary’s scientific dishonesty, as Malkan contends, is its portrayal of the toxic and lucrative weed killer glyphosate, as safe, and stating that there should be no concerns about the increased use of the herbicide for GMO crops. What the film failed to mention is that Monsanto makes a fortune on glyphosate sales. (RELATED: Read more about this latest example of corporate propaganda at

As Natural News founder Mike Adams noted last year, however, the industry reassurance about glyphosate is about as credible as Big Tobacco’s insistence that cigarette smoking doesn’t cause cancer or heart disease.

The film also seems to contain the seal of approval of an organization called American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), which apparently is joined at the hip with Monsanto, according to Malkan.

In a scene that is supposed to convey scientific credibility, Food Evolution flashes the logo of the American Council on Science and Health at the very moment Neil deGrasse Tyson says there is a global consensus on the safety of GMOs. It’s a fitting slip. ASCH is a corporate front group closely aligned with Monsanto.

This is not the first time Neil deGrasse Tyson has gone to bat for GMOs. A 2014 YouTube video, for example, shows Tyson attempting to convince an audience that GMOs are nothing new and equates them with traditional selective breeding and artificial selection by farmers. His frame of reference overlooks the fact that tinkering with the germs of unrelated organisms is a completely different and unnatural process. The global warming champion’s message to those who object to GMO foods is to chill out. (RELATED: Read more about Dr. Tyson’s brand of science totalitarianism at

Do you think that Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is functioning like a consigliere for the “Monsanto Mafia?”



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