Three things Democrats are praying for right now: Economic collapse, mass shootings and ecological catastrophe

Democrats continue to adopt more far-left talking points in an effort to steer the United States down a drastically different path — and it’s clear the success of President Trump is leaving leftists shaking in their boots. Under Trump, the U.S. economy is showing marked growth and improvement, but American left-wingers continue to disparage capitalism and insist we need massive reform in order to achieve true greatness.

And in their truest form, Democrats have completely overlooked how they might go about creating this “reform.” Analysts say that the Democratic party has completely failed to create a national message representing their vision for the nation’s economy. For years, they’ve been relying on “Trump hate” to keep the party afloat. And now, as the economy continues to soar and unemployment rates drop off, it’s no surprise that Democrats are scared of another Trump victory in 2020. So much so, they’d rather see the United States suffer a major collapse or other devastating event than another four years of MAGA.

Democrats fear Trump will win in 2020

As Breitbart reports, there has been a slew of political commentary on Trump’s potential victory in the upcoming election cycle — and even Democrat leaders are afraid. In a recent piece for Politico, David Siders reports that top Democrat pollster and strategist Celinda Lake is concerned about the party’s outlook for 2020.

One of Lake’s biggest criticisms is the Dems’ failure to craft a national economic message. “We will tend to talk about things like paid leave and equal pay — and those things are all very popular policies. But they don’t add up to an economic message that is robust enough to win the presidency and beat Donald Trump, who talks about a very robust economic policy,” she explained.

“You may agree or not with it, but you know what [his message] is. And Democrats, you don’t know what it is. And that’s a recipe for disaster in 2020,” Lake added.

Corey Landowski, former Trump campaign manager, told Breitbart News that Democrats don’t have a message because they’ve been too busy badmouthing Trump.

“They don’t have a message because they have all said from day one that if Donald Trump was elected the Dow would fall by 50 percent, unemployment would go through the roof, because they never believed that he would win – but what we’ve seen now is the deregulatory environment coupled with the historic tax cuts that he put in place have hit a hyper-growth for this economy right now,” he explained.

Trump’s winning economy

Landowski went on to note that unemployment rates for minorities and women have reached historic lows under Trump and stated that “the economy is on fire.”

“We are the fastest growing economy in the world right now because of the environment that this president has created, and the Democrats have no message,” Landowski says.

Recent polling data also shows that Trump’s approval rating is on the rise, largely due to his handling of the economy. And as Washington Examiner reports, unemployment has reached a 50-year low, wages have increased by 3.2 percent and middle- and working- classes are finally gaining ground.

In spite of all this success, Democrats continue to assert that Trump’s economy doesn’t work.

“We have an economy in this country that is not working for working people,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said at a recent event in Las Vegas. Across the board, Democratic politicians are demanding a crack-down on Trump’s deregulated economy. While Trump champions an economy that fosters financial and personal freedom for the working man, liberals want to do away with tax cuts and increase government spending to foster dependence on Big Government.

It’s no surprise they’re praying for some kind of disaster — it’s their only hope for throwing the Trump Train off its tracks. See more coverage of the latest election news and more at

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