Dangerous Marxist Ocasio-Cortez blasts tech giants for allowing BOTH sides of the climate change debate to be heard… demands total censorship of climate skeptics

Former bartender-turned-Democratic House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Communist-N.Y.) is upset that Facebook, Google, and other tech giants are sponsoring an upcoming conference about climate change that – gasp! – will feature speakers on both sides of the climate debate.

In a letter she recently wrote with the help of Maine Representative Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), Ocasio-Cortez wrist-slapped Big Tech for daring to not only promote climate free speech, but also to help fund it.

Marxist Ocasio-Cortez, who’s also pushing a so-called “Green New Deal” that’s really just the environmental tenets of the Communist Manifesto repackaged, says she’s “deeply disappointed” that the tech cabal would lend its support to a gathering at which there’s going to be a featured talk “denying established science on climate change.”

“We are writing to you today in light of the important role that your companies play as we prepare to take comprehensive action on climate change,” the letter reads – its implication being that Big Tech has a duty to censor free speech about climate change that goes against the globalist narrative.

“The past commitments of your companies to address climate change have been well documented. We are encouraged that each of you have pledged to reduce your carbon footprint and have committed other efforts like pursuing renewable energy.”

“Disappointingly, though, the example you have set promoting sustainability and evidence-based science is compromised by your implicit support of the session organized at LibertyCon,” it goes on to say, LibertyCon being the name of the conference.

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Occasional-Cortex is just upset that the LibertyCon conference also featured a talk about why “Socialism is Evil”

It’s no longer a secret that the Left Cult’s version of “free speech” entails only speech that’s approved as acceptable and valid by Leftists. All other forms of speech are now considered to be “hate” speech, and must be silenced and banned.

In this case, the “hate” speech that Occasional-Cortex is offended by would seem to extend far beyond just opposing viewpoints on climate change. As reported by The Hill, other talks at LibertyCon that appear to have triggered AOC include, “Fake News and What to do About It,” “Is the Internet Still a Free-Play Zone?” and the particularly triggering “Socialism is Evil” event, which will challenge the cultural Marxism that AOC actively promotes.

Socialism is AOC’s middle name, so it’s no surprise that she’s opposed to any discussion of it in a negative light – not to mention that the name of the conference, LibertyCon, contains the word liberty, which stands in absolute opposition to AOC’s vision for America.

Surprisingly, both Facebook and Google defended their support for LibertyCon, despite the nagging correspondence they received from AOC and Pingree.

“Sometimes we support events that highlight Internet and social media issues,” was Facebook’s response to the letter.

Google rebutted AOC and Pingree’s letter with a similar statement, which reads:

“As we make clear in our public policy transparency report, Google’s sponsorship or collaboration with a third party organization doesn’t mean that we endorse the organization’s entire agenda or agree with other speakers or sponsors.”

Even Microsoft took the side of supporting free speech, explaining in a statement that its commitment to engaging the conversation is “unequivocal.”

“For the past decade, we’ve reduced emissions, invested in renewable energy, supported policies to address climate change and enabled people around the globe to use technology to accelerate progress on this issue,” the statement further reads.

For more news about actual climate science that’s not tainted by special interests, be sure to check out ClimateScienceNews.com.

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