Procter & Gamble declares MEN are bad, attacks “toxic masculinity” in latest virtue-signaling surrender to the Left Cult

It’s no secret that Americans are being continually bombarded these days with anti-male – and especially anti-white-male – propaganda that aims to eliminate all semblances of true masculinity from society, and replace it with all-empowered toxic feminism. And one of the latest examples of this is none other than that wildly unpopular Gillette commercial that everybody seems to be talking about, which depicts all white, masculine men as “evil.”

The marketing team over at Gillette, which is owned by multinational corporate giant Procter & Gamble, somehow decided that it would be a good idea to try to sell more men’s shaving products by depicting its target demographic, men, as being “toxic” pigs who harass and demean women. But it wasn’t all men that Gillette attacked in its ad – it was just white men, as all of the men “of color” in the commercial were depicted as heroes who are constantly having to save all women from the evil white man.

It was clearly another attempt by the powers that be, using a major corporate icon as their vehicle, to further indoctrinate the American “idiocracy” into believing that all white guys are the devil – a racist, sexist sentiment that, were any other demographic depicted in such a manner, would immediately draw ire from social justice warriors (SJWs) everywhere. But because it was whitey being attacked, it’s somehow no big deal.

Dollar Shave Club welcomes thousands of new male customers who tossed their Gillette products in the trash in response to anti-male, anti-white ad

But the good news is that people are beginning to wake up to this anti-white, anti-male agenda, and are responding with both ridicule and rejection. Immediately following Gillette’s little “#MeToo” stunt, competitor Dollar Shave Club tweeted a simple, to-the-point message to all of its new male customers who tossed their Gillette products in the trash, never to look back.

“Welcome to the Club,” was Dollar Shave Club’s message to the world – a nod to the many thousands of former Gillette customers who instantly became Dollar Shave Club customers in response to being attacked and insulted by Gillette with its nefarious, virtue-signaling agenda.

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Only in America are hateful attacks on men considered not only acceptable, but even virtuous

It’s getting to the point where birthing a male child in America today is a hate crime – not to mention child abuse, seeing as how that little boy is going to have to grow up in a world where he’s hated and told that the only way to not be “toxic” is to transform himself into a “woman.”

Little boys growing up in America today will likely never know what it means to be a masculine man, as masculine male role models are becoming increasingly scarce. And even if they are one of the few lucky ones to have positive male role models, chances are these little boys will grow up being told they’re “evil” simply for acting like men instead of women.

It’s a situation that bodes ominous for the future of America, and Western civilization at large, as the elimination of men, accompanied by rampant transgenderism, signals the impending collapse of civilization as we currently know it.

Unless things reverse course, and fast, it won’t be long before society completely unravels, just like it did for the now-failed Roman Empire which collapsed as a result of similar cultural changes.

“From the perspective of historical distance, you can see it’s a culture that no longer believes in itself,” admits far-left feminist Camille Paglia about the state of America today. Paglia says that the rapid push towards androgyny has always occurred during the “late phases of culture as a civilization is starting to unravel.”

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