CounterThink with Mike Adams: are there possessed “Demoncrats” that walk among us?

There’s so much mayhem being caused by angry Democrats these days, as rabid leftists continue to lash out in any way they can against a conservative government that they’ve been programmed by the media to hate. But is all of this ire, rage, and hatred by the leftist mob just Democrats being Democrats, or is there a demonic element involved?

During a recent episode of his CounterThink show that aired at, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, explores the topic of the “Demoncrat,” a.k.a. that extreme element on the left that’s clearly being satanically inspired to commit acts of evil at every opportunity that presents itself.

“It’s sort of like the modern KKK, but instead of white hoods they wear black hoods,” Adams says about the “anti-fascist” group “Antifa,” which continues to spread a message of violent anarchy all across the country.

“You try to talk to them and they’re deranged. They have no more logic or reason. They’re driven by hatred and almost a sense of pure evil. And the question today is: are those individuals literally possessed or influenced by non-physical forces?” Adams asks.

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Pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-decency: the Democrats have become the party of moral degeneracy

What we’re seeing with the continued decline of rational leftism (if such a concept even exists) is that today’s Democrats simply hate everything that’s decent and good. They want to be able to murder unborn children without consequence, surgically molest young children to alter their “genders,” and basically do whatever vile thing they wish without punishment.

It’s the “do as thou wilt” mantra of unabashed satanism, and it’s become the bedrock of modern-day leftism. Everywhere you look, leftists today are destroying property, screaming in people’s faces, and even physically assaulting them, all because conservatives support things like family and decency that leftists clearly abhor.

“We’re [talking] about demons, and satanism, and how many of these people worship satan,” explains Adams. “And how their mission in life is to destroy life, to destroy love, to destroy order or law. They want chaos, they want destruction, they want murder. They revel in the murder of unborn babies, for example, and they attack Christians, they attack God, they attack the Bible, they attack just the very basis of Christianity.”

In many ways, today’s Democrats aren’t even human, which is why Adams came up with the term “Demoncrats” to describe their nature. Many leftists are devoid of normal human emotions, and you can just see in their eyes that they’re not quite right in the head.

“Why is it that so many of these people on the left today, these Demoncrats, as I call them, appear to be not fully human?” Adams asks.

Just this past weekend, in fact, in the leftist hotbed known as Portland, Oregon, violent Antifa terrorists swarmed the streets and started attacking vehicles simply for trying to drive down a street that Antifa had decided it wanted to close as an act of “protest” against law enforcement.

“On Saturday, violence erupted in Portland as [Antifa] took to the streets to protest a police shooting,” reported about the incident.

“The protests involved criminal acts, intimidation of motorists, and general mayhem. In the videos, protesters scream obscenities, create a no-go zone for cars, and call those who violate their demands ‘white nationalists.'”

This is just one example among many of the demonic nature of today’s leftists, demonstrating that “Demoncrats” truly is a befitting name for these hateful domestic terrorists.

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