Fascism on steroids: tech giants are now more powerful than the government – watch at REAL.video

Many on the left who are fawning over the absolute destruction of free speech online, particularly with social media, are trying to justify their support of this totalitarian movement by claiming that Facebook, Google, and many others are “private companies” that can censor at will. But the truth is that these near-public utilities are now the gatekeepers of online speech, having surpassed even governments in terms of their power and control over communication.

In a recent episode of the Health Ranger Report, available for viewing at REAL.video, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses this growing phenomenon of online censorship, explaining how the tech cabal is steamrolling everything our Founding Fathers envisioned when they crafted the First Amendment. Adams warns that the sheer amount of power that these tech giants are amassing should be concerning to everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

“If you think about it, Google, YouTube, and Facebook – they’ve become larger and more powerful than most governments of the world,” Adams explains. “And in terms of controlling what you see, what you’re allowed to read, or what you’re allowed to speak, they are dangerously powerful. They are now more powerful than the United States government, or any other single government in the world.”

Governments are merging with Big Tech to control all forms of communication

Since conversing online is now the medium of choice for many people, Facebook, Google, and many others really do have almost total control over the flow of information. In a perfect world, they’d all be required by We the People to remain neutral in matters relating to free speech. But we hardly live in a perfect world, now do we?

These multinational corporations, Adams says, “should be regulated like other public” utilities. But getting Congress to pass laws in this regard is going to be difficult because, let’s face it: governments themselves actually benefit from online censorship.

“Think about it: governments want independent voices censored just as much as corporations do,” Adams says.

“It’s not just about censoring conservatives or libertarians; it’s about censoring independent media, and it’s independent media that the government can’t control. So whether the government is run by Republicans or Democrats, both parties want to have corporations like YouTube and Google censoring independent voices so that there’s no such thing as an independent journalist who can actually ask a tough question of a government bureaucrat or a president or a senator or a government regulator such as the FDA, for that matter.”

All of this bodes ominous for the future of free speech, of course, as it seems the goal, based on this assessment, is to achieve total control over public discourse. What we’re seeing with these moves towards censorship with people like Alex Jones and InfoWars will only continue to spread, so long as nothing is done to stop it.

“We cannot live in a fair and free society if half the voices are absolutely censored, oppressed, and de-platformed,” warns Adams. “This is building to a point of absolute insanity, and really lawlessness, and almost criminality … It’s a crime to take away the basic right to speak, which is why we have the First Amendment.”

Mass genocide often comes soon after fascist governments start to censor people

So what’s the solution? Sharing this information with others is a good place to start, as is warning them that censorship is where tyranny starts. Pretty much all authoritarian regimes throughout history have engaged in censorship tactics like what we’re seeing in the United States prior to committing much worse atrocities against their people.

“It’s a way to consolidate power in the hands of the few, and take away power from the individual citizen,” says Adams. “And that’s the goal, of course, of every authoritarian organization. They don’t want outsiders to be able to ask questions or speak.”

Be sure to watch the full episode of the Health Ranger Report at REAL.video.

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