MORE proof emerges that Google employees plotted to demonetize conservative publishers; use censorship as a weapon

Google has been the subject of immense controversy, following revelations about the company’s unethical behavior. There have been multiple leaks which show the company is headed in a very anti-freedom, pro-censorship direction — including the release of an internal company document entitled, “The Good Censor.” As if multiple accounts of such anti-free speech efforts weren’t enough, the company has also been drafted into creating a special search engine for communist China. Now, another email leak has shown that Google employees conspired to block conservative websites from collecting ad revenue.

Indeed, there is no shortage of proof that Google is becoming a threat to American society. But is that enough? Google is one of the “Big Four” tech companies which control the majority of online conversation — and the rest are no better when it comes to their views on free speech and conservatives. Indeed, the tech industry has made it quite clear that conservative beliefs are not welcome on their platforms, and espousing any sentiment that smacks of conservatism will get your content deleted, if not banned entirely.

Google employees try to ban conservatives from Google AdSense

As Daily Caller reports, recently leaked emails show that Google employees sought to ban Breitbart from Adsense, the leader in the digital advertising market which is owned by Google. Less than a month after President Trump took office, the race to demonetize conservative sites began.

The emails show employees were seeking to use alleged “hate speech” as a parameter for banning Breitbart from their advertising program. Estimates suggest that Google is responsible for 37 percent of all digital advertising revenue — and losing their business would be devastating to any company.

“Hate speech” used to have an actual meaning, but the term has long since been co-opted by the agenda-driven Left. Now, it’s nothing more than a catch-all term liberals use to describe any speech they don’t like — particularly, conservative speech.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the email’s authenticity with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In the email, employees were crowd-sourcing a spreadsheet meant to showcase Breitbart spreading “hate speech.” Richard Zippel, a Google publishing quality manager at the time, also noted that Breitbart was under tight surveillance. “When sufficient violations have been found we’ll take action at the site level,” Zippel reportedly wrote.

Note the use of Zippel’s language: These sentiments are not being expressed as a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Censorship, lies and more

According to the Google spokesperson, there are policies for Google AdSense publishers have to follow. “We regularly and routinely review sites in our ad network to ensure compliance with our policies. These emails from early 2017 simply show the AdSense team explaining that such a periodic review was underway,” she said.

One might surmise it is not customary for every periodic review to begin with the sheer intent of banning a specific site.

The Daily Caller contends that this email is just another example of Google “seeking to weaponize the company’s products for left-wing political purposes.

Google has come under fire for a lot in the last several months; for a company that once boasted the unofficial motto “Don’t be evil,” they sure are malevolent.

On top of everything else Google is doing wrong, CEO Sundar Pichai just lied to Congress, prompting Natural News founder Mike Adams to call for his arrest.  Adams writes:

Pichai, just like Zuckerberg and Dorsey, should be indicted, prosecuted and subjected to lifetime imprisonment for the crimes these individuals have repeatedly carried out against humanity. These sociopathic, power-hungry authoritarians reflect precisely the kind of mindset that brought Adolf Hitler to power and allowed the Holocaust mass murder of millions of innocent citizens in the name of “progress.”

Big Tech has grown too big for its britches; one might even say that these social media firms have surpassed government in terms of their power over the public. You can learn more about Big Tech’s thought suppression, and more, at

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