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Children mysteriously disappearing in Oregon state parks

David Paulides was trained as a law man. But as he discovered over 400 cases of “people going into the wilderness and never coming back,” most often within the National Park System – as well as in Oregon State Parks – his investigative and sleuth skills prompted him to dig into “newspaper archives [while] badgering federal agencies for public records,” reports But this time, getting lost may  not have been about having the appropriate survival skills. He says that many people go into the woods monthly and don’t come back. He also shares great concerns and skepticism about the little ones who disappear:

“There are so many missing kids in Oregon, it’s ridiculous.”

Paulides’ research has blossomed into books, the website, which is “dedicated to understanding the complexity and issues of searching, rescuing, and investigating people missing in the wilds of North America,” and a soon to be released movie entitled Missing 411.

As Paulides gathered stories of the disappeared and the missing and looked for common clues, he began to see patterns of geography where the missing were often lost. One of the thirty clusters he’s developed centers around Crater Lake, Oregon, in the midst of Crater Lake National Park. Recently an eight-year-old boy named Sammy went missing. He was sensitive and scared of bright lights and sounds due to autism, so the rescue squads used canines instead of their ordinary horns or whistles. But there was no scent to be found, even after multiple days of searching.

Another boy of the same age was separated from his family eight years ago during a snow storm. In this instance, the rescuers found no tracks and no trace. Some of the children that have been rescued have had very unusual circumstances, says Paulides. He discusses cases where very young children are “alleged to have walked twenty miles at night, or climbed to phenomenal heights, over 3000 or 4000 feet.” tells of an interview with Paulides on Coast to Coast, where he reported that some of the children who had been rescued in the parks told investigators about the “creatures” they had seen. These children didn’t know each other or had never spoken to each other, yet their descriptions of these creatures were exactly the same.

In a presentation Paulides gave in Australia in early 2017, he is introduced as the American lawman who, in 2004, was “drawn into the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) research,” and organized DNA testing samples of material deemed to be from Bigfoot. We also discover that the year was 2009 when David Paulides discovered that the National Park Service does NOT keep, nor has it ever kept, the names of any person missing in their parks.

As an investigative reporter and former law man, Paulides doesn’t share conspiracy theories, he shares the facts that he has discovered the cases he researched about thousands of missing persons. In this video presentation, he gives a fascinating talk about his search for truth.

Search and rescue workers who are at the front lines of these difficult tasks have agreed and disagreed with Paulides’ conclusions. One reviewer at wrote that the “U.S. Government seems to be complicit in covering up thousands of missing persons cases.”  That statement shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone.

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