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CA state senator proposing ‘bill of rights’ for children is the same menace who kicked kids out of school for refusing vaccines

That any of California’s manic Left-wing Democrats – all of whom support just about any form of abortion you can think of – would propose a “bill of rights” for kids is so hypocritical as to be sickening. I guess if you make it out of the womb in the Golden State this may be some kind of “reward” or something.

But there’s even more hypocrisy here than meets the eye: The state senator who is proposing the legislation is the same one who led the charge to strip parents of their right to vaccine choice in the state.

This California legislative notice, SB 18 – introduced by Sen. Richard Pan, a vaccine-pushing pediatrician whose campaigns have been financed by Big Pharma (along with the other Democratic lawmakers in the state who backed a recent vaccine mandate), and called the “Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California” – essentially makes the state the primary caretaker and caregiver of children, over the rights of parents.

“This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to expand and codify the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of California to establish a comprehensive framework that governs the rights of all children and youth in California, outlines the research-based essential needs of California’s children, and establishes standards relating to the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed,” says a summary.

This is nothing but an attempt by power-hungry California legislators to further degrade the rights of parents

Further, it would empower the state Legislature, by 2022, to pass legislation ensuring that the child’s bill of rights applies “evenly, equitably, and appropriately to all children and youth across the state.”

Overly broad? Of course it is, but you get the point: This measure isn’t about ensuring basic rights for kids; it’s about giving California lawmakers and big government nanny-state bureaucrats the power to decide what is and is not “equitable” for the state’s kids. And it won’t matter a bit what their parents think … or want.

How do we know that? Because we know Sen. Richard Pan. He’s tyrannical, in that he believes that only he and the state know what is best for kids – not their parents. He doesn’t trust parents to do the right things for their kids. And he doesn’t believe parents should have a “bill of rights” giving them, and not a faceless, all-powerful bureaucracy the power to make decisions for their own children.

And, as Natural News has reported, we also know that Pan is dishonest. He’s been caught lying about vaccines, as we noted in August 2015:

Carrying out the job that Big Pharma paid him to do — which we recently proved by publishing information about the industry cash he’s received — Senator Richard Pan recently posted a Facebook status citing a completely fraudulent article denying the existence of mercury in vaccines, which also made blatantly false statements about Natural News’ Mike Adams.

Any lie is okay as long as it smears a truth-teller and political opponent

That article, by Politifact Georgia’s April Hunt, attempted to mainstream a series of lies, including claims that the writer had attempted to contact Adams regarding his views on mercury in vaccines. In fact, no one had attempted to contact Adams, as he clearly stated.

It’s a blatant lie that Pan regurgitated in a pathetic attempt to attack the founder/editor of Natural News, while distracting voters from the fact that he had received campaign contributions from some of the same Big Pharma companies promoting his vaccine mandate legislation (SB 277) in the state.

In February of last year, when vaccine propaganda was reaching its peak after the Disneyland measles outbreak, Politifact falsely stated that “Adams declined to speak” with the publication about “his conclusions regarding mercury,” and that he instead referred them to studies published on

It is an allegation that is patently false.

That caused us to demand not only a retraction from Politifact but also an apology from the publication and Sen. Pan, since both used false reports in an attempt to smear Adam’s character.

Pan is no friend of liberty, and he is no friend of parents in his state.


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