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Liberals demand felony murderers, shooters, robbers be released from jail

Decriminalization is part of the liberals’ credo, along with deindustrialization, denationalization, and what I call deculturalization. When it comes to crime, liberals have long held that “nonviolent” offenses should not be punished with jail time. At first they told us that it was just about drug users, maybe a teenager with a small amount of pot in his pocket. Then it morphed into the release of cocaine and heroin users, because, you know, it’s a victimless crime, right? And then “nonviolent” became code for releasing drug dealers and drug traffickers as well.

(Article by Ed Straker, republished from

But they’re not done. As Mark Levin often says, the Left is never done. Liberal sentiment is now in favor of minimal jail time for the most violent of offenders, and even releasing them from jail before their sentences are served.

The article goes on to quote a left-wing outfit called the Brennan Center which claims the longer criminals are in prison, the more likely they are to commit crimes when they come out. Under that logic, no one should ever go to prison, or stay for very long. Indeed:

The Brennan Center’s analysis of criminal codes, convictions and sentences for 370 different crime categories concluded that of the nation’s 1.46 million state and federal prisoners, about 576,000 — or 39 percent — were incarcerated “without a justifiable public safety reason.” Those inmates, the report said, could likely be released with little effect on public safety.

Of course. Violent criminals are never in jail for a “justifiable” public safety reason.

In addition, the study said, that about 212,000 of prisoners convicted of more serious crimes, including aggravated assault, serious drug trafficking and murder — who make up about 14 percent of the nation’s total prison population — may have already served sufficiently long prison terms and could likely be released within the next year with little risk to public safety.

Sure. If you believe that sending criminals to jail will only make them angrier. If you believe that people who commit the most violent of crimes can be released without risk.

These are the same people who fear global warming but not radical Islam, who fear Donald Trump but not the recently released ex-con prowling around the lobby of their apartment building carrying a shiv with their name on it.

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