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Licensed nurse reuses dirty syringe to vaccinate nearly 70 people; victims told to go get ‘another flu shot’

In yet another vaccination horror story, late last year, a nurse licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing caused alarm after officials learned that she reused a syringe while administering flu vaccinations.

According to NBC 10 News, TotalWellness officials admitted that a nurse they contracted to administer the flu shots “failed to follow proper medical procedures and safeguards.”

The employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical received the vaccinations from the nurse at their offices in Princeton, NJ, the Daily Mail reported. The NJ Department of Health has sent out letters to the 67 employees to warn them that the syringe was reused multiple times.

“Syringe reuse may have exposed you to infected blood,” the letter stated. “At this time NJDOH is not aware of any disease transmission, but you may be at risk for developing an infection as a result of this improper practice.”

If that isn’t enough to scare you, consider that the use of dirty syringes is probably commonplace across America, where incompetent doctors and health care workers kill 2,100 Americans a day with all their medical mistakes.

Employees told – get another shot

Aside from forgetting to switch syringes, apparently, the nurse also forgot the proper dosage of the vaccine. Officials claim that the dose was less than recommended, hence, they recommended that employees get another flu shot.

“Receiving less than the recommended amount is not harmful, but you might not be fully protected against the flu,” the officials wrote. “We are recommending that you get another flu shot this season to ensure that you are completely protected. There will be flu shots available to you at the testing and vaccination clinic in West Windsor, should you decide to get revaccinated.”

How about, no thanks?

Crazy people, crazy dealings

Natural News discovered that Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the company whose employees were unfortunately subjected to the nurse’s incompetence, produces drugs for the mentally deranged. “The company makes a schizophrenia drug called Abilify Maintena, an ‘extended-release injectable suspension’ of mind-altering drugs,” as reported by Natural News.

You have mentally incompetent people shooting up employees that manufacture drugs for the mentally insane. Isn’t it just crazy?

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