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Facebook secretly supporting privacy-destroying Cybersecurity Act

Several tech companies have publicly come out against the Cybersecurity Information Act (CISA) — a bill that aims to destroy our privacy by nullifying company privacy policies, allowing government access to private data and giving immunity to companies that disclose such information. From among the tech giants that took up arms against the bill, one name is notably missing — Facebook.

Apparently, instead of campaigning against the passage of the bill, like what its tech colleagues do, Facebook has been supporting its passage instead. Facebook’s chief Senate lobbyist, Myriah Jordan, worked as general counsel for CISA’s sponsor, Sen. Richard Burr, right up until taking the job at Facebook. “Revolving door” connections such as this one give companies like Facebook more influence than any other normal person or company could possibly have.

In addition to the Myriah Jordan connection, several sources have also identified Facebook as one of the avid supporters of CISA. All these are not surprising, considering that Facebook’s founder himself, Mark Zuckerberg, once called Facebook users “dumbf**ks” for trusting him with their data.


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