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Brainwashing: Cultural Marxism and the indoctrination of America’s children

Urban Dictionary defines cultural Marxism as “The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, God or even family or the state.”

At present, it seems that decades of Marxist indoctrination by the academia has finally paid off — communist ideas have taken over universities all over the country, turning the supposed bastions of higher education into a “grotesque and intolerant self-segregating quagmire,” according to the Canada Free Press.[1]

Black Lives Matter, for instance, has made outrageous demands of administrators of campuses all over America, and the latter, too timid to speak up lest they offend certain sensibilities, have acquiesced without putting up much of a fight.

The Black Justice League at Princeton, on the other hand, demanded that any building named after former President Woodrow Wilson be renamed and a safe space be created “dedicated specifically to Black students,” mandating “classes on the history of marginalized peoples” and “affinity housing for people interested in black housing,” in order to re-implement racial segregation. Shockingly, President Christopher Eisgruber agreed.[1]

Are we supposed to revise the entire history of the United States just to pacify those who, at some point, must have been offended in the past? Must we wipe out our reminders of history just to pacify the feelings of a few? Whatever happened to tolerance of divergent opinions?

Right now, the effects of ideological subversion are at work. In 1984, KGB propagandist and defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, in an interview with G. Edward Griffin, explained the different stages of ideological subversion, a method of psychological warfare that changes the subjects’ perception of reality. As described in the Canada Free Press:

The first stage was demoralization. Teachers had to educate three generations and expose them to Marxist-Leninist ideology without a counter-balance of American values. To a demoralized person, facts have no meaning even when they are showered with authentic information. Bezmenov said, “If I take them and show them the concentration camps in the Soviet Union, they would not believe me until the boot of reality kicked them in the rear end.” To reverse this trend to a normal generation that believes in American values, common sense, culture, and patriotism, one would need at least 15 years, he added.

Most people who were educated in the 1960s are now in positions of power. They were programed to act a certain way even when exposed to accurate information. The process of demoralization is irreversible, he said.

A subverter needs 2-5 years to engage in the second stage of ideology subversion called destabilization. During this stage, the entire nation is destabilized through the economy, through foreign relations, and defense.

The third stage of ideology subversion is called crisis and it usually lasts about six weeks.

The fourth stage is called normalization when “all the shmucks that eliminated the free market competition are now in power.” The country is at war with itself and in chaos. Once this level is reached, Americans will have nowhere to escape, said Bezmenov.

Who are the “useful idiots” who aid and abet this psychological subversion? They are the academia, media people, actors, movie makers, narcissists, people with no scruples and no conscience, people filled with self-importance who think that they matter a lot, greedy individuals, and people who will look you in the eye, smile, and lie to you. These “useful idiots” are helpful in the destabilization stage, but are expendable afterwards, explained Bezmenov.

Indeed, if we continue to turn a blind eye to the blatant brainwashing that’s been happening right before our eyes, our concepts of patriotism, cultural heritage, history and freedom would inevitably lose their meaning — and the “land of the free and the home of the brave” might soon represent nothing more than empty rhetoric.



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