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German schools now ordering students to be unpaid servants for immigrants

“Is there a new subject in Lubeck’s schools called servitude?” That’s the heated question being echoed by many German parents who expressed outrage after learning that their children were put to work cleaning up after refugees in nearby asylum centers, reports the Daily Express.

Schoolchildren around the ages of 13 and 14 were asked to spend five hours performing chores for the wave of Muslim immigrants that have flooded Germany in recent times, with as many as 10,000 new arrivals per day.

Students were asked to help out in the kitchen, change bed linens and sort clothing for the displaced refugees. The assignment sparked controversy when parents were informed via a letter from the school, prompting one mother to post it on Facebook.

“I am definitely not a hater and am really tolerant, but this is taking things too far. Is there a new subject in Lübeck’s schools called servitude?” wrote the furious parent.

Schoolchildren tasked with making beds for refugees

The letter essentially stated that schoolchildren were directed to go to the shed in order to actively help on site (in the asylums) with tasks such as bed making, sorting clothing and helping in the kitchen. They were instructed to meet at 8:30 a.m. on the bridge at Music and Congress Hall (MUK) and Schluer before being dismissed at 1:30 p.m.

The school said the task was to help prepare eighth-graders on their internships.

Clearly striking a nerve, the post generated more than 2,000 shares and 1,000 comments, with some asking why the refugees can’t clean up after themselves and make their own beds?

Parents were so offended by the letter that many assumed at first that it was fake; however, local newspaper SHZ contacted the school and confirmed its validity, reports Breitbart London.

The school defended the assignment calling it “practical work experience.”

“Kiel’s Ministry for Education confirmed that 13 to 14-year-olds from a school in Lübeck will [be] changing bed linen, helping in the kitchen and sorting clothes,” reports Breitbart London.

“A spokeswoman said that the school had the idea because some migrant children sit in the class, and insisted the students themselves thought of the project.”

German citizens fear they’ll become strangers in their own country

Germany’s socioeconomic state has been under immense pressure in recent times as the country struggles to accommodate the large influx of migrants. Government data shows that the majority of asylum-seekers are arriving from Syria and Iraq, with the second largest group coming from Albania, according to reports.

Large numbers of refugees are also entering Germany from Kosovo, Serbia, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Eritrea and Pakistan. While Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed the migrants, some German citizens oppose her policies, concerned with the growing number of refugee arrivals, as well as the anticipated costs to accommodate them.

Some German citizens expressed fear of losing their country’s sense of culture, afraid that they’ll become ‘strangers in their own country.’

Recent polls illustrate German’s feeling on the matter, with more than half asserting that their country already has “too many refugees.” Just one out of three agree with Merkel’s policies, according to reports.

Disdain for the recent flood of refugees into Germany has resulted in anti-immigration protests, as well as brutal acts of violence against the immigrants. “Courage Against Violence,” a group tasked with monitoring hate crimes in Germany, said most of the attacks are occurring in the country’s south, which also serves as a port of entry for the refugees.

However, some of the attacks have taken place in Eastern Germany, where refugees make up less than one percent of the population.

Responding to German’s concerns about the recent wave of immigration, the country has announced they will begin using army vehicles to deport refugees back to their homelands, according to

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