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National governments murdered 262 million people over the last century

Democide is the extermination of a despised group of people by the government. The term hardly received traction when it was first coined by Theodore Abel in the 20th century, but it grew in popularity after it was expanded to include governments that commit genocide, politicide and mass murder. Between 200 to 260 people million were victims of democide in the 20th century, making it the No. 1 cause of mass murder in the world.(1)

How quickly we forget the lessons of history. As facts of the past have shown, the moment guns are stripped from the hands of people, governments engage in democide. Gun control advocates fail to realize that gun restriction laws only apply to citizens. Consequently, gun concentration is placed in the hands of the government, which inevitably leads to power, corruption and murder.

The numbers speak for themselves. The first democide that was studied by scholars occurred in Turkey between 1915 and 1923. The Nationalist government decided to exterminate the country’s Christian minority. The Christians were rounded up and left for dead in the desert. An estimated 2 million Christians were killed.(1)

Turkish democide a blueprint for Hitler and Stalin

Turkish leaders were not worried that people outside the country knew about the democide. The Muslim population in Turkey either supported the democide or didn’t care. Hitler and Stalin took notice of the world’s tolerance of democide, and decided to implement the same tactics.(1)

Once Hitler started eliminating millions of Jews by throwing them into gas chambers, Stalin ordered the forced starvation of Ukrainians. Approximately 5 million people were added to Stalin’s death count.(1)

According to research from the University of Hawaii, a staggering 262 million people were murdered by the government in the 20th century. This figure is six times greater than the number of deaths on the battlefield. To put that into perspective, if all these bodies were placed from head to toe and averaged five feet in height, they would wrap around the world ten times.(2)

Among all the horrors listed above, gun control was the necessary step along the path to democide. Gun control laws were enacted in Turkey in 1911, which enabled the democide of 2 million Turkish Christians just a few years later. Germany enacted gun control laws in 1928, which enabled Hitler’s Holocaust just a decade later. And in the Soviet Union, democide was preceded by “reasonable and commonsense” firearms registration and gun confiscation.(1)

Gun control laws were not enacted in order to slaughter millions of people. Rather, democide was a corollary of gun control laws. As the power or a regime increases, the likelihood of democide increases as well.

Gun control advocates reference school shooting figures and ignore democide figures

The situation is different in the United States, where the Second Amendment enshrines Americans with the right to bear arms. Nevertheless, many Americans believe that the Second Amendment has outlived its course, citing school shootings as the primary reason to abandon it.

This argument is shortsighted, historically inaccurate and dangerous. Gun free zones don’t work. If they did, why would the worst shootings consistently take place in gun free zones, like schools? Because it’s better for criminals and the government to imagine they face an unarmed society than an armed society.(3)

While American gun owners recognize that a deranged individual may murder a dozen unarmed individuals on occasion, by the same token, they also realize that gun control laws enable national governments to kill millions of people. Every single case of democide could only have happened after the government disarmed the population.

Gun control advocates are history deniers in the sense that they ignore facts of history to bolster their agenda. To learn more about the history of democide, watch this video complied by Natural News editor Mike Adams that gives an accurate history of democide and what happens when you disarm a populace.

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