84 innocents run down in Nice, France: anything and everything can become a weapon for terrorists

Friday, July 15, 2016 by

For decades, supporters of the Second Amendment have been defending the right to bear arms from the uneducated liberals who seem to believe that banning firearms will result in peace on earth. After all, if we remove guns from the human population, they’ll have no way to kill each other, right?


As the recent terrorist attack in Nice, France — where a man murdered a confirmed 84 people by mowing them down with a truck — proves, evil people will find a way to kill innocents with or without firearms.

Us liberty-loving Americans have been stating this for years, while the brainwashed liberals continue to spew the rhetoric that gunfire — likely from an AR-15 — is the only way to murder a large group of people in a short amount of time. They’ve intentionally ignored explosives in the past, and now they’re likely to ignore a large vehicle as well.

The bottom line is that anything can be used as a tool of destruction. I’d feel much safer knowing that the law-abiding citizens around me are armed and well-prepared for the devastating events that may come. We’re living in extremely uncertain times. The attack in Nice just serves as yet another example of an evil person committing an evil act — without a gun.

If these kinds of events can take place in Europe, they can take place in America — and it’s time to be prepared for that.






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