Bernie Sanders totally sold out by endorsing Hillary

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by

Bernie Sanders’ entire campaign was built around the fact that he was an anti-establishment candidate who wanted to end government corruption and remove big money from politics. While he was campaigning against Hillary Clinton, people actually started to believe his shtick. Of course, they shouldn’t have.

Now that Sanders has made the despicable, disgusting decision to endorse Crooked Hillary Clinton, it’s clear that his entire campaign was based on a lie. Bernie Sanders is a part of the establishment he spoke so negatively about.

If Sanders was truly anti-establishment, he would’ve supported the other anti-establishment candidate in the mainstream — Donald Trump — or the most anti-establishment candidate imaginable — Gary Johnson. Instead, he caved to political pressure and stuck with his party in supporting Hillary. After all his talking about how money corrupts politicians, he goes and supports a woman who is perhaps the most corrupt candidate in the history of our country. How hypocritical can this man get?!

Hopefully Sanders supporters realize that their hero just completely sold out. Hopefully they realize what an awful candidate Clinton truly is. Hopefully they jump ship and support a candidate who doesn’t have a known history of being a liar and a crook. Counting on liberals to make intelligent decisions is never a smart idea, but for the betterment of our country, let’s at least hope for them to wise up. If not, we better be ready for the worst.

At a time when so many are censoring themselves, at least Donald Trump isn’t afraid to call it like it is.




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