FBI can now obtain recorded phone calls from journalists WITHOUT subpoenas or search warrants

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by

Between the NSA, the FBI, and old-fashioned peeping toms, there’s a strong case that the American people are being spied on everywhere they go.

While pretending that they’re protecting the American people from harm, these organizations are spying on law-abiding citizens in order to obtain personal, private information. Infringing on the American people’s right to privacy isn’t exactly new territory for the FBI, though it never gets any less appalling to hear about.

Now it’s getting even more ridiculous. According to the “classified rules” of the FBI, they can now obtain journalists’ recorded phone calls without having to go through a judge. All that is needed is a National Security Letter (NSL), which can be signed off internally.

The Intercept reports, “The guidelines also specify that the extra oversight layers do not apply if the journalist is believed to be a spy or is part of a news organization ‘associated with a foreign intelligence service’ or ‘otherwise acting on behalf of a foreign power.'”

So the already minimal measures needed in order to spy on the American people have been abridged to the point where they’re almost unnecessary. Obviously the FBI will sign off on anything that benefits them in the slightest — and even things that potentially won’t.

The Edward Snowden situation proves that those who try to protect the privacy of United States citizens will be demonized by the powers that be. Corporate influence is a dangerous thing, and the federal government will go to great lengths to silence those who attempt to expose it for corruption.

If things don’t change — and soon — we could be on the verge of a full-on revolution. Get ready for the day when Americans decide to take back their freedom. Having just celebrated Independence Day, perhaps it’s time that we all looked back to 1776 for some advice…






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