Foreign Affairs magazine says Volkswagen lost its corporate soul … which begs the question — what soul?

Friday, November 06, 2015 by

Since 1922, Foreign Affairs has been the official journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, the bipartisan secret society consisting of the who’s who of the American political and business elite, and which essentially serves as Corporate America’s tool for influencing U.S. foreign policy.

Following the recent revelations that Volkwagen had illegally faked the emissions results on some 11 million of its vehicles, the Foreign Affairs website came out with an article entitled “The End of the People’s Car: How Volkswagen Lost its Corporate Soul.”

But exactly what “soul” is Foreign Affairs referring to?

It’s no secret that Volkwagen was the brainchild of Adolph Hitler. The Foreign Affairs article even mentions Volkwagen’s “unsavory origins in the Third Reich, where Adolf Hitler had commissioned automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche to develop an economical and sturdy vehicle that would motorize Nazi Germany” — referring to the famous Volkwagen Beetle. As Carol Young points out in an article on, Mr. Porsche joined the Nazi Party in 1937, so he was, of course, happy to oblige Der Fuhrer’s request.

With a soul like that, an emissions scandal should hardly be surprising. But beyond one corporation’s connection to a genocidal regime, what exactly is a “corporate soul” anyway?

A few years ago, published an article by Mike Adams (a.k.a. the Health Ranger), in which he summed up what the “corporate soul” actually is.

“The corporation itself is called a person in society. From a legal perspective and a regulatory perspective, a corporation is considered a person … As it turns out, it’s the type of person who has no regard for the safety of others — the type of person who is unpredictable and who harms society, the environment and the people around him or her. Basically, if you go down through the checklist, it’s the kind of person who is classified as a psychopath. And this is the mental characteristic of the corporation. It is psychopathic in a technically defined mental disorders kind of way. If you look at how corporations act, they are psychopathic.

“This helps explain why companies like the big pharmaceutical firms can continue to market and sell products that they know, literally, kill people, and yet can manage to keep them on the market year after year because they’re generating profits. This is how a food company can manufacture food products that cause birth defects; that destroy the nervous systems of fetuses; that have helped create a nation of children with so-called learning disabilities, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders; and children with nervous systems that have been compromised due to the nutritionally depleted foods that are sold in every grocery store in America and around the world. This is how it happens. These corporations are in charge, not their people, and these corporations must survive and thrive and generate profits. That is how these atrocities are taking place today …

“So, if you’ve ever wondered why everything around you seems so incredibly insane, the answer is because an insane individual is running it all — an individual known as a corporation — and it is a frightening collection of corporations that now rule our society.”

If Adams is correct that big corporations are soulless psychopaths, it’s no wonder that corporate elites of the Council on Foreign Relations want the public to believe that corporations are actually soulful creatures which, like Volkswagen, occasionally engage in sinful behavior, but are otherwise naturally good.



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